Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rainbow Jello

Hannah is turning 5 in 1.5 days (and yes, she is reminding me daily and sometimes hourly) and we are having a small rainbow party on Saturday with her friends! While on the hunt for rainbow themed party fun/food/desserts I came across beautiful rainbow jello in different forms.

This is from Food Librarian. It's called Broken Glass jello...cool, huh?

I found this dessert on Olson Updates. I have always wanted to get this kind of serving bowl. Doesn't it look beautiful!?

I found this beautiful jello mold at Chexydecimal.com.

And this one is a replica of Alcatraz...Jello Style. I found it on Kitchen Monkey. I won't be doing this one...ever...but I thought it looks pretty amazing!

Which one would you like to see at a Rainbow Party???


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