Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the name of Jesus

Soooo......our dog can be obnoxious...especially when she knows she is about to go for a walk. If we skip a day her total attitude changes. Grumpiness and depression set in.

She can be hyper when people come over, or when we first come home or when we spell W-A-L-K. And now we have to whisper it because she knows what that spells.

A day or so ago it was time for that "W" word and she knew it. I had the leash in hand with a bag and Molly was barking non-stop. If I stand by the door she will usually come over so I can put her leash on. She was hovering around the door way and barking....A LOT. I didn't feel like raising my voice and tried encouraging her to come to me. It wasn't working.

Finally, Hannah yelled, "Molly, In the Name of Jesus, STOP BARKING"! A couple seconds later she stopped. Hey, I'll take it!

We went on our walk and now because I laughed at that Hannah uses, "In the Name of Jesus" quite frequently! You would think that we are Baptist or something.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gorgeous Days

After this walk, I was seriously telling someone at the playground that I need to seek out new places, things and people to take pictures of. I do have a life outside of being a mom. But from the looks of it, Hannah is a HUGE part of my life.. And I really love it.

My goal for this season is to get beautiful pictures of the Fall leaves on trees. My favorite is seeing bright orange leaves on trees that have dark trunks. Maybe after a heavy rain. Some place secluded?

Here in Maryland, we have had so many beautiful and perfect days. Temperature just right in the middle of the blue skies....light winds...just perfect! On this day, I was trying to be artsy fartsy by capturing the beauty of the day. With my daughter and dog's help.

Monday, October 18, 2010


These are from a very cute shop called, Kapom Crafts. Check em out!

Perfect for the Fall! I bought one of these holders almost identical except it was a different color. I love it! I can fit my little phone in the front pocket and my iTouch in the other pocket. If only I had an iPhone then I could just have that in the pocket by itself. Maybe one day phones like mine will be obsolete and I will just have one techy device. Until then this holder is perfect!

Golden Plaid Earrings

These are seriously really neat earrings. Even though I design my own jewelry, I have actually purchased a pair of earrings through Three5Eighty5

They are intricate and very detailed. It hurts my brain to try to figure out how this person made them. They are definitely worth buying.

Large Wooden Rainbow Stacker

How cute is this??

I have to give a shot out to Imagination Kids on Etsy. I LOVE this rainbow stacker toy! If Hannah was at this age of stacking toys, I would buy it for her. Maybe a friend or niece will get it one day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

One Days of These....

Do you ever feel like this? I am a Professional Organizer, yet I have pockets of disorganization.

Usually drawers. It's amazing what bins and containers can do for your drawer, though.

I spent a whole $5 and organized two kitchen drawers. One drawer is for me and one is for my husband. In my drawer, I have LOTS of hair "thingies" for Hannah, brushes, band aids, pens, etc. So, I used lots of 2x2 containers, and a couple of 5x2 containers for pens/pencils and brushes. My husband only needed one large 4x5 container for pens. And he has a big coupon organizer that takes up most of the drawer.

My biggest problem is the unfinished side of the basement. I am tempted to post a picture so you can see how CRAZY it is. When I organize it, I will post a before and after pic.

Anyway, I would love to know your good and bad on organizing your house..:-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gaver Farms

Gaver Farms!!!
Hannah's preschool is planning on a field trip here. we decided to try out a little earlier with my cousin and her daughter.

Hannah sliding down the slide. I want one of these in our backyard. She wants to go there really soon.
This is Hannah jumping on one of the coolest jumpy things I have ever seen. It is a humongous "pillow" blown up for the kids to jump on. Hannah looks so free-spirited here. And yes, it was a perfect day without many clouds. Perfect temperature.. Just Beautiful!!

This is us....(one of the most unflattering pictures of me but I'm glad we got a picture of us from that day)
My cousin, Kathryn, and her little newborn, Zoe. It has been a couple of years since I have seen her and it was so nice to be able to talk and hang out. She is a beautiful mom inside and out. And her daughter, Zoe, is perfectly adorable. I miss those days of just holding my little one while she sleeps. It was seriously a perfect day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drippy Painted Pumpkin

While I bounced the big pumpkin to get the paint to drip, Hannah painted her two baby pumpkins. I have a little more subtle style so I chose autumn colors. Although Hannah would have been perfectly fine with pinks and purples and other bright girlie colors.

I did add more drips the next day because it just wasn't enough. Once I get an idea I want to go at it full waiting in between each drippy coat was hard but worth it. It is also very helpful to have a thick long-ish stem on top.

I got this idea from Diary of a Crafty Chica. She is very talented and paints in such wonderful and bright colors. Take a look at her blog!


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