Friday, January 21, 2011

Creativity...Where Art Though??

It feels like my creativity brain cells are non-existent these days. I was on such a steady flow of ideas all the way from early last year till about a month ago. The thought of even looking for something creative to do by myself and even with Hannah has disappeared. It has to be a phase. I know I feel so much like who God created me to be when I am using my creative juices.

As you can see from my most recent posts....nada...there isn't much. I don't feel depressed. I just, "eh" to most things. Jewelry, Photography, sewing and crafts. Is it the winter blues that I am feeling? It is really cold out there that's for sure!

How do you get your creative spark back?? I would love to hear some answers. Please?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ariel Bust

Hannah got this Ariel doll for Christmas and it takes up a majority of her time. 1-she LOVES Ariel. It's her favorite favorite princess of all! 2- Ariel colored hair changes color and her make-up goes on and off depending on what temperature the water is. 3-Her hair is really really soft! It is so easy to brush and rarely gets knotted! She got it for Christmas on Amazon and plays with it for hours throughout the day. So if you have a little Ariel lover, I highly recommend her!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rainbow Roll Cookies

While reading my friend, Amy's, blog, Flexible Dreams, I came across this post about Baking with her Preschooler.

Hannah saw me on the computer and decided she wanted to make these specific cookies. Don't they look beautiful? Amy linked Annie's Eat's recipe for the cookie dough. I then just followed Amy's directions for the rest, which is followed with these pictures.

Once you make the dough, split it in three. We chose Red, Green and Yellow. Because that is all we have. I need to just break down and buy Blue.

Roll out each colored dough by putting plastic wrap on the bottom and top of the dough. Roll it with a rolling pin. I found it is easy because it doesn't stick to the roller and you don't have to use flour. AND I found it easier to roll with Hannah.

One they are rolled out stack on top of each other in the order that you want the colors to show. Hannah chose for the pink to show on the outside. It obviously doesn't have to be perfect.

Make sure when you roll it up that you squeeze slightly on the ends so that you don't have gaps when you cut them.

We also chose to use rainbow sprinkles. Too much?? Nahhh!

Cut in half! BEAUTIFUL!! Major WOW factor! :-)

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I chose 10 but made them a little too brown on the bottom. 8 minutes will be the way to go next time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Macro Lens

This one was with the +10

This one was with the +4

This one was with my fixed 52mm lens, which I also got for Christmas. It's still gives it the blurry effect but I couldn't get a close-up like I did with the macro lenses. It's such a small price to pay for doing some extra things with my camera. Yes, I am in love!

So...for Christmas all I wanted were accessories
for my camera. And that is what I got! Something
that I enjoyed playing around with and mistakenly
took some nice pictures with are the
52mm Macro Lenses. You can get as close as +1, +2,
+4, & +10.


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