Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Macro Lens

This one was with the +10

This one was with the +4

This one was with my fixed 52mm lens, which I also got for Christmas. It's still gives it the blurry effect but I couldn't get a close-up like I did with the macro lenses. It's such a small price to pay for doing some extra things with my camera. Yes, I am in love!

So...for Christmas all I wanted were accessories
for my camera. And that is what I got! Something
that I enjoyed playing around with and mistakenly
took some nice pictures with are the
52mm Macro Lenses. You can get as close as +1, +2,
+4, & +10.


  1. Neat! I have the +1,+2, and +4, but not the +10. Cool! Can your stack for different combos?

  2. You can stack them but I haven't used them all together yet. I actually just got them on Sunday so I am eager for spring to come to take some cool close ups. It's worth the price!


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