Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally...A Family Picture!!

This is one picture that happens very rarely since I am the one that takes the pictures...but here it is!! A family picture!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fireplace Painting

 This is our faux fireplace before we painted it. It's hard to tell but the shelves on the side were a medium brown color. My husband kept getting on me about painting the shelves and I dug my feet until I couldn't do it anymore. Shelves are awful to paint, in my opinion. You have the top, bottom, and sides of each section. And of course, one coat didn't do it.  So, it was double the torture.

Since taking the picture I rearranged the mantel just a little bit. To me, it was looking a little busy. 

On the right side, I want to have a cluster of candles in different sizes but will wait on that a little but. A couple of items I got at yard sales. The books on the left give me so much joy. Such a simple thing but I think it adds warmth to it. 

The actual fireplace is a black/brown. I didn't want it fully black so I chose the brown color (which is hard to see unless you are standing near it in person). I then purchased Martha Stewart's Glaze paint and LOVE it!! I chose silver but since our house has more warm colors, I am thinking about changing it to her Pottery Glaze line.....we'll see. But for now, it is a nice change and it works. :-)


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