About Me

A few things about me:
I am a wife, mother, crafter, jewelry designer, wanna-be photographer, organizer, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, lover of animals, sympathizer (is that a word?), blogger, facebooker, knuckle-cracker, beach lover, jogger when I am not pregnant and just someone who loves to learn new things.

I lived in South Florida for 22 years. I lived in Miami for a large part of it and then moved down to the Florida Keys. I wish I could live there again! It is so beautiful and the northern Shore doesn't compare at all! I would even take the mosquito's and the scorpians.  After attending college for a couple of years I moved up here to Maryland about 13 years ago with my mom. Long story short I have been married for a little over 7 years and have a little girl who is currently 5 going on 6 next year but she reminds me almost everyday that she will be 6. ANDDDD....I am pregnant and due in September!

I am a stay-at-home mom and I am home schooling my daughter. She is in Kindergarten. At first, with a newborn, it was quite challenging. Now, it is so much better and fun. Hannah seems to be enjoying it too!

Aside from wifely and motherly duties, I am a Christian of 13 years and love love love our church! I also am super creative once I get going! I love photographing people and nature...I really enjoy creating usable items especially for kids. I still design jewelry on occasion but would prefer sewing. 

That's about it...you can find out more about what we do on our day to day lives if you become a follower of my blog!!

Thank you for visiting!!



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