Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tape Resistant Name

This project was super easy and fun for Hannah. We used Finger Paint Paper and Blue Paint Tape. She just spelled out her name with the tape and painted over it. Then when dry, she peeled off the tape...Wah La!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Spring Wreath

 This is my wreath inspired through Pinterest, of course! 

I used a copper pipe insulation cover thingy. Sure wish I knew the name. Then covered it with light brown yarn. It took a long time to cover it because I am a perfectionist! Making the flowers we super easy. I actually got the tutorial off of Craftaholics Anonymous. She also has a great tutorial to get rid of the extra strings of glue that linger when using a glue gun. 

So, I did this wreath about 2 months ago and just posting it now. It is actually time for me to design another one. I want to use peacock feathers this time!!

Eggs For Breakfast

 Since becoming vegetarian, which I loosely practice now, I really learned to dislike eggs. If you think  about it, it is pretty gross. I won't get into that now because this is for a new love of eggs that I have now. My friend, Genelle, introduced me to a Google Group called Nourishing Foodies, and I have bought 8 dozen eggs through them. 8 dozen!!! And they are amazingly good! Almost too good, like chocolate...sort of. These eggs are from a farmer and they are organic, free-range, grass fed chickens. The yolks are orange, not yellow! And the shells are gorgeous. Every time I make eggs for the family, I notice how beautiful they are and I just had to take a picture even though my dear hubby thinks I am a quack (no pun intended) for taking pictures at odd times.

Aren't they beautiful!!??


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