Monday, May 7, 2012

Eggs For Breakfast

 Since becoming vegetarian, which I loosely practice now, I really learned to dislike eggs. If you think  about it, it is pretty gross. I won't get into that now because this is for a new love of eggs that I have now. My friend, Genelle, introduced me to a Google Group called Nourishing Foodies, and I have bought 8 dozen eggs through them. 8 dozen!!! And they are amazingly good! Almost too good, like chocolate...sort of. These eggs are from a farmer and they are organic, free-range, grass fed chickens. The yolks are orange, not yellow! And the shells are gorgeous. Every time I make eggs for the family, I notice how beautiful they are and I just had to take a picture even though my dear hubby thinks I am a quack (no pun intended) for taking pictures at odd times.

Aren't they beautiful!!??

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