Friday, July 30, 2010

LOVE My Family-In-law Day 1

I had a great time with my sisters-in-law over the last couple of days. My husband's two sisters get together annually to let their kids sleep over and go on some outings and just play. One sister has 6 kids and the other sister has four kids and I have one little girl. Thankfully the house was big enough that it really didn't feel like there were that many kids.

The first day we met at a Water Park in Germantown. While keeping my eye on Hannah, I was having a hard time capturing all of my nieces and nephews but got quite a few of them.

These two are 6 months apart. Hannah and Mary Grace.

Nicole & Timothy enjoying a break from playing by eating lunch.

Little Tim Tim with his goggles on.

Getting-bigger-all-the-time Josh and his goggles!

Nathan looking all natural while watching the big buckets fill with water and tipping over on the kids.

Suzanne & Lily

Monica and John John

Still watching the buckets getting filled with water and dropping on the kid's heads.

The other kids were running around having lots of fun so I didn't get them this day. Day 2 to follow........

Writing with Melting Crayons

Hannah and I had fun writing with crayons today. It's a little twist on regular coloring. I found the idea here at I did it a little different because I don't have a warming tray but I do have a griddle (Is that what it is called?). I use it only when I make pancakes. What you need:
1. Crayons
(preferably crayola because they seem to
have less oil in their crayons)

2. Griddle or warming tray
3. Finger Paint Paper
4. A child or two

I had the griddle on 200 degrees or a little less. You can put it as low as you can that will melt the crayons as your child is writing with it. I put the paper on the griddle, tore off the paper on the crayons and let her color away. Here are some of the things that we made:

By the way.....this month we are learning about rainbows, butterflies, rain, thunder & lightning & clouds & humidity.

She colored a sheet with purple and blue and some other colors and I just cut out a butterfly to continue with our theme for the month.

This last picture Hannah used the crayon the side instead of up and down. It melts a lot more which is fun!!

Oh...AND here is a list of other fun things to do with crayons!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Right behind Hannah against the house is the butterfly bush. Right near the window so we can see it through out the day! NICE!!

Our family is enjoying our growing butterfly bush. It's hard to believe but I got it two years ago as a measly little root. It is amazingly big and brings so many butterflies to our window. There are a maybe 1-2 bees that show up but the butterflies out-way you can see.

Chore Charts and Encouraing Positive Behavior with Your Kids

I recently bought this from Clever HomeMaking and have been using it with Hannah and it is working out really well. Instead of stickers to put in the space when she has completed a chore, I hot glued small heavy duty magnets to glass "pebbles" They are very pretty, and sparkly things makes Hannah happy. She has certain jobs and chores she does every day and when she completes it, she gets one glass pebble and at the end of the week I tally up the glass pebbles and she gets a "chore buck" for every 10 pebbles she earned. She has the choice to go to the dollar store after $5, she can also go to Target after $10 or go out on a Daddy/Daughter ice cream date with Jonathan (which works out for me because I miss out on all of those calories and I get some time alone) It's a Win-Win-Win!! I just need to stay on top of it so she can accumulate her bucks. And Kim from Clever homemaking is SUPER accommodating to exactly what you want in your Chore system. You can buy her system in her Etsy Shop.

Teach Mama is cool website for ideas on teaching your kids through play, art, etc. and Amy has this neat post on: Playing on Positive Behavior..How neat of an idea is this?? Each child gets to have their own see through container and when they are displaying good behavior, the parent gives the child a glass pebble to put in the jar. When it is filled they get the reward.

Do you have any ideas of encouraging good behavior? Or any ideas on how your reward your child for their chores/responsibilities?? I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Featured On CAST

I was featured on CAST (Christian Artist Street Team for Etsy), where I am a member of their team. If you want to find out more about me and the interview, click on the link above! :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Daisy & Circle Earrings

Aren't these cute? I know not everyone's taste is the same I decided to use the same design but do both Sterling Silver and Copper. They are about an inch round and I added some sterling silver spacers to give it some weight and some visual interest.


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