Friday, July 30, 2010

LOVE My Family-In-law Day 1

I had a great time with my sisters-in-law over the last couple of days. My husband's two sisters get together annually to let their kids sleep over and go on some outings and just play. One sister has 6 kids and the other sister has four kids and I have one little girl. Thankfully the house was big enough that it really didn't feel like there were that many kids.

The first day we met at a Water Park in Germantown. While keeping my eye on Hannah, I was having a hard time capturing all of my nieces and nephews but got quite a few of them.

These two are 6 months apart. Hannah and Mary Grace.

Nicole & Timothy enjoying a break from playing by eating lunch.

Little Tim Tim with his goggles on.

Getting-bigger-all-the-time Josh and his goggles!

Nathan looking all natural while watching the big buckets fill with water and tipping over on the kids.

Suzanne & Lily

Monica and John John

Still watching the buckets getting filled with water and dropping on the kid's heads.

The other kids were running around having lots of fun so I didn't get them this day. Day 2 to follow........

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