Friday, July 30, 2010

Writing with Melting Crayons

Hannah and I had fun writing with crayons today. It's a little twist on regular coloring. I found the idea here at I did it a little different because I don't have a warming tray but I do have a griddle (Is that what it is called?). I use it only when I make pancakes. What you need:
1. Crayons
(preferably crayola because they seem to
have less oil in their crayons)

2. Griddle or warming tray
3. Finger Paint Paper
4. A child or two

I had the griddle on 200 degrees or a little less. You can put it as low as you can that will melt the crayons as your child is writing with it. I put the paper on the griddle, tore off the paper on the crayons and let her color away. Here are some of the things that we made:

By the way.....this month we are learning about rainbows, butterflies, rain, thunder & lightning & clouds & humidity.

She colored a sheet with purple and blue and some other colors and I just cut out a butterfly to continue with our theme for the month.

This last picture Hannah used the crayon the side instead of up and down. It melts a lot more which is fun!!

Oh...AND here is a list of other fun things to do with crayons!


  1. Alyssa, this is simply beautiful! All of it! I'll go back and read each segment but was so overcome by the beautiful photos and coordinated colors, I just had to take it all in first.

  2. I'm viewing this with my 6-year-old grand-daughter and she says she wants to see your house with "my own eyes!" I guess that says something about how impressed she is.

  3. Hi Alyssa-

    Thanks for visitng my site. I just love what you did with your dauhgter's purple crayon art - cut it into a butterfly. I think it looks like a museum worthy piece. I want one to hang in my house. I love the color and texture of it. I just got a pack of crayons at the BlogHer conference I just got back from. I am going to try to make this myself. A grown-up kid craft way.
    My best- Diane


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