Friday, October 15, 2010

One Days of These....

Do you ever feel like this? I am a Professional Organizer, yet I have pockets of disorganization.

Usually drawers. It's amazing what bins and containers can do for your drawer, though.

I spent a whole $5 and organized two kitchen drawers. One drawer is for me and one is for my husband. In my drawer, I have LOTS of hair "thingies" for Hannah, brushes, band aids, pens, etc. So, I used lots of 2x2 containers, and a couple of 5x2 containers for pens/pencils and brushes. My husband only needed one large 4x5 container for pens. And he has a big coupon organizer that takes up most of the drawer.

My biggest problem is the unfinished side of the basement. I am tempted to post a picture so you can see how CRAZY it is. When I organize it, I will post a before and after pic.

Anyway, I would love to know your good and bad on organizing your house..:-)

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  1. Hi, I am good about things like recipies, and my knit patterns, but my master closet is not the most organized, we just moved to our condo 9 mo ago, and I have pretty much kept things clean and clutter free, but the kitchen table now that is another problem area!

    I will be reading your blog more, thanks


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