Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the name of Jesus

Soooo......our dog can be obnoxious...especially when she knows she is about to go for a walk. If we skip a day her total attitude changes. Grumpiness and depression set in.

She can be hyper when people come over, or when we first come home or when we spell W-A-L-K. And now we have to whisper it because she knows what that spells.

A day or so ago it was time for that "W" word and she knew it. I had the leash in hand with a bag and Molly was barking non-stop. If I stand by the door she will usually come over so I can put her leash on. She was hovering around the door way and barking....A LOT. I didn't feel like raising my voice and tried encouraging her to come to me. It wasn't working.

Finally, Hannah yelled, "Molly, In the Name of Jesus, STOP BARKING"! A couple seconds later she stopped. Hey, I'll take it!

We went on our walk and now because I laughed at that Hannah uses, "In the Name of Jesus" quite frequently! You would think that we are Baptist or something.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that is so cute!

    Don't u love the things Kids say :)


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