Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dabbling with Copper Sheet

I just figured out how to work with the copper sheet that I bought many months ago. I found out that the gauge of the sheet makes a big difference in the tools that you need. I should have known that but didn't realize what that really meant until I got the 20 gauge sheet home. I need some type of saw to cut it! Yikes! I am not ready for that! So, I went to my local bead store and got a larger gauge, 30 gauge. That is very easy to cut and only needed sheet "scissors". Side Note: I have access the best jewelry supply/bead store in Maryland. It is only 1 mile away. (Great or Dangerous, depends on who you ask in my house :-)). If you live in Maryland try to get there. It is called Terra Firma Enterprises. And their sister store is called Baltimore Beads.

Anyway, here is my latest creation:

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  1. This is a really beautiful necklace! Original and fun.


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