Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Piece That's Been on my Mind

Have you ever had that design that has been on your mind and it, thankfully, has not disappear? I have had many visions for jewelry designs that have come into my head and I never wrote it down and it disappeared almost as fast as I got it. Well, this one below did not leave my mind and I am so glad. I love it! I came out better than I had imagined, if I am allowed to boast.

It is made of sterling silver wire, which I hand formed and wire wrapped many shades of red Czech Crystal. Would love to know your thoughts...


  1. stunning :)
    mona & the gaffer girls

  2. It's really really pretty! It kind of reminds me a bit of a millipede. But a much prettier, shinier one!

  3. I think it's very beautiful and unique. I love one-of-a-kinds like this! ~Maria


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