Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Fun Transition

This is where I usually find myself working. In front of my computer while answering emails...searching Etsy...and of course, Facebooking. I have noticed that I don't thrive in this area. There are too many distractions which cause me to NOT be creative.

This was about a year ago when I got a little table and chair to use in the unfinished side of the basement. I was so excited about having my own little area to design jewelry. But the clutter grew increasingly annoying so I decided to make due with what I had and just organize the space.

And it helped a lot! The space was clearer so I had more "breathing" space to create things.

Everything was in order. Not for long....I also had lots of jewelry items in the finished side of the basement, which drew me out there and that is where I got distracted with the computer and tv. So, after many months of not really using the space to it's full potential, I decided to go a step further and make it a place where I would not feel icky being in. I am realizing that I need a clean, organized and pretty space to inspire me.

So, here it is!!! I painted the walls...although it is hard to tell...a light/medium blue. It is actually quite peaceful looking. My friend was getting rid of her desk and I offered to take it and it is PERFECT for my space! There are multiple shelves for layering my things so it isn't on one flat surface. And a pull-out drawer, which you can see on the last picture, for my drill, heat gun, and soldering tray.

I re-organized my metal items, like copper and silver in the top three white drawers. And underneath that are my shipping items and ribbon for my packaging.

As you can see, I have all of my essentials for soldering, wire wrapping and beading on the desk but out of the main desktop. And there is the pull out "drawer" at the bottom. So, then I can just slide it back underneath when I am not using it. AND my wonderful purchase from IKEA are the items on the wall. I found them in the kitchen section. The majority are actually spice jars with screw on lids and a couple of shot glasses for the small amount of beads, stone, gems that I have. And the rack that you can buy hold four spice jars and one shot glass. I need to go back to IKEA and get three more shelves with jars to complete it and to put the rest of my beads. And last but not least are the curtain panels that I bought to section off the rest of the UGLY basement! It seems like I have my own little room for my jewelry designing.

This exciting! I can't wait to create!!!




  1. oh wow! It looks so great. I just made my own space for creating. I have enjoyed it so much. Like you, I needed a place besides where the computer is. I have a desk for my computer and a desk for my work now. ...and no TV which is important. I just use my computer for Pandora. I also give myself a little blog/etsy time as a reward for working. :) I love your little spice jars!!

  2. It looks great, Lys! I can't wait to see it in person. :)


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