Monday, December 6, 2010

PlayDough Christmas Tree

This was such an easy and fun craft to do with Hannah. I put some glitter on a plate and Hannah rolled the play dough in the glitter. Then I helped her to shape it into a tree. And then we put some bells and and cut up pipe cleaners in the tree. You could probably focus on one color but with a colorful girl like Hannah...nope more the better!

Playdough (green preferably, which we didn't use. Ours was a swirl of many colors)
Pipe Cleaners (cut about an inch)
Other objects (Rhinestones, bells or anything else small enough to stay)
(You may need to hot glue the piece after the play dough dries.)

The idea came from Counting Coconuts. And she has quite a few other Christmas Crafting and Learning ides!

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  1. Well isn't this a beautiful and sparkly tree!! I love how silvery it is, too! Thanks so much for the link back. :)


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