Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Reason for Not Blogging

My first Trimester I was T-I-R-E-D!! In one word....that's it. I was either sleeping, lying down or sitting. I am now 24 weeks (due around September 5th!!!)...6 months into this pregnancy and I feel pretty good. I have more energy and starting to get my creativity back. I also have tried posting TWO different posts and they went somewhere..not sure where. I am hoping this one makes it and I can successfully start blogging again!

Hannah, who is 5, is very excited about having a baby sister. She is such a natural nurturer and is a little on the bossy side so I can see her fitting into the "Big Sister" role very easily. I decided to homeschool her for Kindergarten this coming school year. And guess what!? That is exactly when this bundle of love is to be born. So, I decided to get a jump on it and bought some curriculum and start teaching her in the summer. I know we will be busy outdoors doing things but I want to have some time when the baby gets here to not have to worry about teaching Hannah.

I can't wait to blog more about teaching Kindergarten. I think I will do fine and so will Hannah. She is at such a teachable time and wants to learn, which makes it less challenging. I'm actually looking forward to it!!

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