Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So, I am starting school tomorrow with Hannah. Most of me is a excited and I have been looking forward to it. Then there is a part of me that is sad to start, mainly because I need to be the teacher and I need to be on and I need to be prepared and I need to teach my child school. The toughest thing is that it is rare that I get a break from kids. As I write this, one is awake...

On the bright side, I get to be with my kids all the time. I get to teach them and see exactly what they are learning. How cool is that!? 

I will be using My Father's World and Christian-based curriculum. There are SO many resources on the internet to compliment this curriculum along with other bloggers who use it and actually post week by week with pictures of what their kids did. I hope I will be doing the same. I want to post our journey of homeschooling this year. I have taken, oh, about a year off since Gianna has been born to not blog. But it is time. So, hopefully you will see more of what we are doing in our little home!

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