Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Dear Magic Bullet

I have been lost without my Magic Bullet! The rubber thing on the bottom of the blade that connects to the base keeps getting shredded by the base. I went through 3 directly from Magic Bullet and then Jonathan bought 2 through eBay and those are shredded. I have been trying to not buy more because I was frustrated by having to replace it again. It wasn't that much money. I got two replacement blades for under $20, which included shipping.

I have been using my food processor and it works for certain things, like salsa and hummus. That is all I use it for. But the Bullet is great for most things and I should have it by next week!! It is so easy to use and to clean. I can start making my smoothies again with lots of healthy stuff. Peanut butter is super thick and I have found the magic bullet to work with even that. So, there is my protein!

I hope to post some recipes soon!!


  1. I love my Magic Bullet! I use it every morning for smoothies for the kids and I. They like to have chocolate banana smoothies with a bit of wheat germ and peanut butter added in, just for kicks!

    What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

  2. Before when I was eating eggs I would combine soy milk, egg whites (Pasteurized) and fruit. But it has been a while since I have made a smoothie so I think I'll be making something different and more exciting and healthier. Peanut butter and flax seed sounds good. And bananas.

  3. Mmm, smoothies. Did you know you can add baby spinach to a smoothie and it adds nutrients without adding any taste? (It does turn the smoothie green... but it's a nice way to get good stuff in your kid too).

    Also, a fun treat for your kid (or you!). Take some soy milk or regular milk (or any milk variation), pop in the whipping blade and fluff the milk up. Add a smidge of vanilla and some cinnamon and it's a tasty treat. We also like adding a bit of strawberry for a nice pink color. :)

  4. That does sound good, Jen! I think Hannah would love to have pink milk. I will be trying that. Thanks!


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