Saturday, May 29, 2010

Schooooooool's Out.For.Summer!

Good-bye school year...Helllllooooo Summer!!!!!! Even as an adult I still love the feeling of school being out for the summer. There is something freeing and fun about it. Glad I can relive that feeling again!
During this summer, I am hoping that I can spend some time designing more unique jewelry and designing more girly accessories and getting them on Etsy for the public to purchase.

The whole class of 8
(5 fun rambunctious boys and 3 artsy princesses)

Katie, Lexi & Hannah

Charlie, Joel B., Tucker, Joel S. and Jacob

I helped to start and complete a Home Schooling Co-op Preschool with 5 other moms this year. We have had fun teaching the kids along with the kids having fun with each other. They learned many many life lessons, built friendships and learned basic preschool education. This was our last day of school. We had group pictures and individual pictures, field day and lunch with a short little "graduation ceremony". I am blessed by the other moms and just being able to do this with Hannah. She came out of her little shy shell and has made some really sweet friendships that I am grateful for. We'll most likely get together for some play dates this summer for the kids to play with each other and I will definitely be capturing some shots on the camera. Until then...later!

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