Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taking Pictures of my Dad and Joan's Visit

My dad and Joan (my step-mom) came to visit us from sunny Miami, FL and I wanted to get a nice picture of them with the beautiful scenery in the background. One didn't look like my dad was enjoying this. See...just a 1/2 of a smile.

Very good...a full smile but you still do not look like you are enjoying this. Can you show some teeth, Dad?

Ok, we are getting better, Still don't see enough teeth. Joan looks beautiful, though. (Side note: I made her necklace! Pretty, ay?)

Ok, dad, that was way too much teeth. I am scared!

Now, we are enjoying this!!!

Ahhhhh, PERFECT! Thank you!! What a cute couple!

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  1. Wow great pictures. Maybe you should start doing Photography as well as Jewely design.



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