Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft Fair and a Little Sick

I have been slacking lately with my posts. I have been concentrating on a craft fair that I attended with my friend, Genelle, of Paisley Peach Designs. I had been trying to get all of my products ready for sale. Jewelry and Hair Clips. (I don't have anything on the hair clips site yet.) This was the first real craft festival that I had my products for sale. It was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed hanging out with my friend and attempting to sell our stuff. The first day was kind of a trial run for us. The weather was gorgeous and there were SO many people there. The only bad thing is...they weren't buying anything! I think we figured out that they were there for the fun time at the festival and only looking for cheap things to buy. The second day we were ready. We lowered prices, set things up differently, and we felt like we were going to sell! The only problem.....rain....almost ALL day long. So, about 2 hours into it, they canceled the music and people started closing down shop.

We questioned our stuff a lot...we questioned the people...we questioned everything....I just think we were at the wrong fair. We have nice handmade jewelry and hair clips. The only thing that we got a lot of business with was the "Design Your Own Jewelry" table. You could purchase a necklace or bracelet and add up to 5 beads for a super small price. Great idea...huh? It sold. Not extremely but we got a lot of sales that way.

All in all it was a big learning lesson...I am hoping to do at least one or two more by Christmas. This time, a REAL Arts and Crafts Festival.

Now, about being sick. Ugh! I have barely enough energy to write this post but I really wanted to update my blog. I have no photos ready...I have nothing really to add school wise or art wise. My mind has been completely focused on the Festival. I am hoping to post a couple of pictures of my brother and his kids last weekend...which I had a blast!

Until then....ta ta for now!


  1. Try not to take the lack of success personally. A lot of fairs have been like yours this year - loads of people but not a lot of sales. I'm in my 5th year of selling at craft fairs and I'm finding this year pretty terrible. I think that there's so much bad news on the radio and TV that people are feeling very insecure and too scared to spend anything. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for a better Christmas!

  2. Kira, Thank you for your encouragement. We noticed also, that there are a TON of jewelry designers or sales people, like Silpada, Cookie Lee, etc. It seemed like every other vendor.

  3. Thanks for the link! I had a great time with you at the festival and am looking forward to the next one where we can put everything we've learned to good use.


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