Sunday, September 26, 2010

TP Flower Art for the Wall

This was a project that I got from Twig & Toadstool. I had written about the crafts that I wanted to do in the near future and this was one of them. I just changed it a little bit.

I cut 1 roll of toilet paper 4 times. First cut the whole roll in half and then cut those halves in half, which will give you 4 pieces. I glued the petals onto one cut circle. Instead of adding 6 petals I added 7 petals. And basically used 7 different colors that I had in my paint container. Hannah started painting each flower and then when she got bored with that I painted the rest of the flower. That is how each flower went.

When my flowers were dry, I hot glued the flowers to each other to form a "rainbow".


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