Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dyed Rice

Oh goodness! Does time fly or what? It's been 3 months since I have posted! I am finally to the point of actually taking pictures and posting of the things that we have been doing. I started homeschooling Hannah in September, the same time that I had Gianna, crazzzzyyyy!! But now that Gianna is 4 months old, I am at a point where things are easier most days! Hence posting a creative activity post!

So, what spurred on the dying of rice? My husband's phone took a wash in the washing machine and he tried drying it out by putting it in a bowl of rice. It helped a little bit but he needs to buy a phone. He can receive calls but can't make any and cannot see what is on the screen of his phone. So, what do you do with rice that can't be used besides throwing it out?? Dyed Rice!!

- white rice
- rubbing alcohol
- food coloring
-mason jars with lids (I used two because that is all I had)
-a net or strainer (I used an fish net from our fish that passed on)
-paper towels (LOTS)

I used for each jar:
4 tbsp of rubbing alcohol
1/4 cup of rice for each color
4 drops of food coloring
(I used some gel coloring and just let Hannah squirt it until it was the color that she wanted)

Stir coloring until dissolved. Add rice. Shake and let it sit until after you make the next color.

While you are around like we did!

This was my favorite color! It sort of looked Turquoise.

This was Hannah's favorite color! Pink!

Spread two sheets of paper towels on a cookie sheet and dump the rice then spread it out to dry.

When it is all dry, either combine the colors, or keep them separate. We liked doing a rainbow of colors.
But you can also do colors depending on the holiday.
Valentines Day: Pink & Red
St. Patrick's Day - Green and Yellow
4th of July - Blue & Red and then don't dye some for "White"
Christmas - Red and Green.

I hope you enjoyed!!


  1. How fun!!! Hannah is so cute :)

  2. Your pictures adorable! So is H :) I read that instead of paper towels, if you spread it on the cookie sheet and bake it on a low temp, it dries the rice and helps the color set. I bet that's on pinterest somewhere :)

  3. Thanks you two! Since it is soaked in rubbing alcohol it dries fast. The rice really didn't take that long at all to dry.


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