Friday, February 17, 2012

Peeling and Peeling and Peeling and....

Hannah has been enjoying peeling potatoes and apples with a peeler. One night I planned on making a meal with diced up sweet potatoes and she eagerly wanted to help. Well, I am not a big planner when it comes to making dinner. (I have tried planning out my meals. When I do it works out smoothly. But I don't do it and we are obviously not starving. :-)) So, Hannah enjoyed helping me unfortunately it took 3 times longer than it would have if I had done it, which meant dinner was late. Fortunately my husband is not a demanding husband and doesn't demand to eat as soon as he got home.

Sometimes I feel that my daughter has ADHD but seeing her peel potatoes for 45 minutes assures me she is a perfectly normal almost 6 year old.

** She recently was peeling an apple with the peeler and sliced her thumb knuckle. I feel I may have lost my potato peeler for a while.

**Reminder for parents...make sure they peel away from not toward!

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