Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Tent

One of Hannah's favorite things to do is build a tent. This was a new way to build a tent. It usually starts out with her taking all of our couch pillows and placing them in a huge pile on the stairs. Then getting the king-sized sheet out and trying use the huge clips (look on the top of the tent) to attach the sheet somewhere. By the way, the clips were one of the best yard sale purchases. $2 for a 4 pack!! They are huge and can clip onto almost anything!

Can you find Hannah?


  1. oh my gosh she is so awesome! I didn't even see her when I first looked at the pic :)

  2. You haven't blogged for ages!! churn up a post hurry! Haha can't wait for the next post! Hope its some yummy recipe or a new goodie you've made!


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