Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Prayer

Keep Me Content
to do what is my duty-
Make me humble,
not asking for praise.
Awaken me to see the
world of beauty:
Teach me the peacefulness
of quiet ways.


My husband's grandmother, Laura, just recently passed away and all of the siblings were to come over to their parent's house to go through her belongings to decide what they wanted to keep. One of the many things that Jonathan and I got was a poem inside of a frame. When I opened it up to put the poem in another frame, I found out it was a card given to Laura by a friend about 50 years ago. Apparently, her friend thought of Laura as someone who did such wonderful things for people and she didn't ask for praise at all. She served & lead people because she loved them. (She was the president of the PTA of my father-in-law's school.)

I thought this poem was worthy enough to share with my blog followers because of the peace that can follow if you keep this in mind.

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