Friday, April 23, 2010

Photography Class Session 4

I really enjoyed doing this Photography assignment from Flexible Dream's Blog a lot. It may because I am a Professional Organizer and love seeing things grouped together and finding multiples of things. There was something very satisfying about taking these pictures and looking at the other "student's" pictures.

Here are mine:

We celebrated Hannah's 4th birthday and I got quite a few shots of multiples.

Princess Crown Birthday Cookies

A very random Lily of the Valley bloom in our backyard.

The last 4 were taken at Storyville in Woodlawn.

With this shot, the organizer in me couldn't resist adjusting the plates and plastic-ware before I took the shot so the colors looked together. (Can you say OCD freak?)


  1. Nice shots! Love the princess crown cookies the best.

  2. That cookie shot is perfect in every way - hope they were yummy!

  3. I think the cookie one is my favorite too... but a close second is the 1-2-3-4 shot from Storyville.

    Nice work all around!


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