Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Box Turned Into A Castle!

It looks like this could use a little something something. I will take ideas....please?

The HAPPY princess playing with her Pink Princess Castle! Who needs to spend money when you can make something for your child that they will equally like or maybe will like better?

This was came from one of my frequent thoughts, "I can't get rid of that, it could be used for something". Well, this was a box that I just cut apart and used all of the pieces until there were shredded scraps. How that single box on it's way out to the recycling container turned into a castle...I'm not sure how it happened. My ideas come on full force and I have to do it..right then...or else they go bye-byes from my mind forever.

Hannah loves it and that's what counts. She was playing with her little princess figures without a castle. And this was the missing piece. :-)

Have you done a project for you or your child with something that could have made it to the recycling? Do you have any pictures?


  1. So cute and a perfect way to recycle! She looks like she really loves it :)

  2. Glitter! You need glitter! And MORE pink! ;) Seriously though, you are so creative! Can I borrow some of your creativity? Evan will thank you. :)

  3. GLITTER!!! How did we forget glitter?! Thanks!

    Yes, please take some of my creativity. I definitely have more than I can use at this time. :-) Thanks Genelle!

  4. What a fabulous idea for a simple play set. My little princess would love it!


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