Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Baby Shower for Gabriel! (...and the cookies)

This post is dedicated to my Sister-In-Law, Jessica and her husband, Kevin, and the celebration of the adoption of their son, Gabriel!!

This is Kevin and Jessica and Keeper.
They are actually on their way, RIGHT NOW, to go pick up their son! It's a funny thing about adoption as in Kevin and Jessica's story. They had been trying and trying to have a child of their own and to no avail they decided to go down the very long route of adoption. I'm not sure about every story but the ones that I heard of, the road is long and can be painful.

It seems like you are supposed to hurry up and get everything together to then wait....and wait. And then hurry up and get some more legal things done and then....wait...and wait. And it goes on like this until the day that there is a child ready for you to take home. Then you have to wait. Jessica and Kevin's story involved them going to Ethiopia, Africa a couple of weeks ago and meeting their son, Gabriel. They spent a week there and while they were there they went to the courts and Gabriel was legally theirs.

So....then they had to leave their precious little child and go home and....wait....until they were allowed to come back to pick the little guy up. Well, with their story it wouldn't be a surprise that they were to wait a lot longer. But they didn't have to. It seems like they had been back 2 or so weeks when they found out they could go back and pick him up.

So, here they are today on a plane to Ethiopia to pick Gabriel up and bring him home for an awesome homecoming welcoming party by his family next Sunday! We are all so excited!

The cookies..
I used a vegan sugar cookie recipe that I used back in February during the snow storm and for Hannah's birthday cookies in April. The two hearts signified Jessica and Kevin and the one green heart signified Gabriel.

I printed off a template of Africa and cut it out to size, then just drew a pencil line around Africa on cool African paper (then cute it) that I got from Michael's Craft Store. I then wrote a sweet little message to people who came. So, over 60 cookies!! Phew!

A part of the beautiful spread of food!

The woman with the pink-ish scarf gave a talk on her experience in adoption.

The group of women who attended Jessica's baby shower!

A sweet hug!

Does she look beautiful with her sweet face, her pink sweater and the lovely white cake!?

Jessica and Anne Marie cuddling.

Monica, Jessica, Suzanne & Mary

Monica, Jessica, Grace, Suzanne & Mary.
(These are all of my husband's sisters and mom!)

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