Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading a Book

Last night Hannah and I were reading books before bedtime. I read the first two books, Ballet Sisters and A Day with No Crayons. Both I had never read before and enjoyed a lot! Especially A Day with No Crayons. It talks about a little girl who wrote on the walls with her crayons because she used up all of her paper and coloring pages. Her mom came in and saw the damage that she did and took her crayons away. The little girl was sad but went outside to discover how she could use nature to produce beautiful art. A must read for any child who is creative or likes to color.
The next book we read was Ballet Sisters. This was good for Hannah because she LOVES to dance. And the book is about an older sister who takes her younger sister to her dance class, which she later signs up for dance class herself.

The best thing about reading last night....Hannah READ this book mostly by herself. There was a great interest in doing it too! I just went along with it. I have been talking to her about learning how to read but this was a non-structured, non-planned time of her reading. It was pretty cool! And I am very proud of her taking initiative in trying even though this is all new to her! Go Hannah!!

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