Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Tofurky Day!

We give Thanks to God for His LOVE!!!

I had to post this picture. Isn't it CUTE!?

It's been over a year now that I decided to stop eating eggs, meat, chicken and turkey. I was vegan for about half of that but it is hard. And if I do some more researching I might just go back to that. But as of right now....I eat fish and some dairy. I have significantly reduced my dairy intake, though. I have never thought to myself if I made a mistake in not eating meat. I enjoy NOT eating it actually! I am SUCH an animal person, it's crazy. I will almost completely stop my car if I see any kind of animal crossing the road. This goes back to childhood. If I was in my mom's car and she was driving, I would scream if I saw an animal even close to the car. SO....this sort of diet fits me well!

Fish, on the other hand, I don't have a real attachment to them. Maybe I should, but I don't. I grew up mainly down in the Florida Keys and we had our own boat and fished every other weekend. We caught everything. So, maybe that is why I don't have a love for "Saving the Fish". (Dolphin are a different story.)

Anyway, so why am I writing this post? I got an email about Adopting a Turkey. This holiday season, Thanksgiving Day, pretty much makes me sick. A lot of focus is put on that poor turkey that is now hanging out on the table waiting to be eaten. Well, it's not waiting to be eaten but there is SO much focus on it. There is more to Thanksgiving than that little turkey! It's thanksgiving...there were Indians and pilgrims and thankfulness. It's not just about the turkey.

I'm probably not going to get a lot of love emails about this but this is my blog and I've been up since 3am trying to keep my husband from having a seizure due to his SUPER low blood sugar. And now I am wide awake thinking about Turkeys...oh well...

back to the story... so I clicked on the Adopt a Turkey link and then went to the main website. It's called Farm Sanctuary. And I think it should be looked at. You SHOULD know where your food is coming from. You SHOULD be aware of what happens at the farms. What the farmers do to their animals. I am totally NOT a fan of eating meat, but if you do, researching what you are eating and where it is coming from.

On this crazy note, I'm off to drink some coffee to stay awake for the rest of the morning....and off to make some jewelry. I am thankful for jewelry orders!!! And then off to Trader Joe's to pick up some food for Thanksgiving!

I love being with family! I get to be with my in-laws and my mom and her boyfriend at the SAME house!! Wooo hooo!!!

(If this post seems butchered (no pun intended) probably is. I'm not usually doing much at this time of day besides sleeping.)

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  1. Alyssa,

    I liked your post. The dog picture is hilarious...the things they let us do to them!! I also noticed that you have an Etsy shop. My other blog features all types of artist. I would like to do a post on your Etsy shop. Probably at the beginning of the year after the holiday business.

    Thanksgiving Blessings,


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