Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making and Decorating Sugar Cookies

Eating, I mean, making and baking cookies with Hannah. She actually did it all with the help of my measurements for the ingredients.

Here are the beauties ready to be decorated. We washed and used Hannah's playdough cutters, which were perfect sizes for her to decorate them.

Tinker Bell Decorating her cookies

Jonathan really focused and decorating and his cookies.

Decorated and full of sugar to add to the cabin fever..hmmmm, maybe that is why she was completely loony yesterday?

This was a project that we did yesterday. Of course it's Valentines Day and that was on my mind. The recipe for the sugar cookies is a Vegan recipe, which was perfect for me because I had all of the ingredients and it wasn't a really sugary sweet cookie. Sorry, the only ingredient that I didn't have was the Red Mill Baking Powder. Now that I read why this is a good one, I will be getting that instead of the regular Baking Powder. Red below to see why. If you have a lot a lot of cookies to make then go by the recipe or just cut in half and there will still be plenty. We didn't get to decorate all of them because there was still so much. The icing recipe was the best icing that I have used for decorating cookies. It went on easily and hardened quick enough to be able to store the cookies in a closed container for cookies later.

Side Notes:
Baking Powder
Baking soda from the health food store is better for your body... it is aluminum-free to save those brain cells. Studies have shown that high aluminum levels are found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases... aluminum is also linked to bone degeneration and kidney dysfunction. So begin using the aluminum free baking soda now to save those valuable brain cells....lovely, huh?

Cookie Cutting
After the dough was kneaded and ready I refrigerated it for 20 minutes and then set it out for 10 minutes. My dough, for some reason, was too dry. So, I just added more soy milk to it to get it to the texture that made it easy to roll out.

Extra Dough
You can refrigerate it for future use and take out the amount that you need or even freeze it as long as it is tightly sealed.

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