Monday, February 22, 2010

Planning for Hannah's B-Day

Hannah's B-Day in April, which is still a month and a 1/2 away, but for me and my life, planning now is very helpful. I like to look for things on sale so I don't have to buy what I want at full price. I love having parties, I love celebrating my daughter's birth. And this year is even more special because she has been talking about it for about a 1/2 year or longer. She knows that she will be four, we got that established. Although for my birthday last week, I turned 5. Geeze, I don't even remember being 5.

But in planning for her birthday, I found this cute cupcake kit off of an Etsy shop called Bake It Pretty. I ordered it yesterday and I can't wait to try it out. Everything but the cake mix and icing come with it like:
This traditional kit includes the following:

•Approx. 125 standard baking cups in assorted polka dot, striped, and solid colors.
•Over 25 traditional toppers in assorted styles (clowns, flowers, ballerinas, etc.)
•4 ounces of Rainbow Jimmy Sprinkles in resealable bag.
•Everything is packaged in a paperboard suitcase in the color of your choice.

I got this kit because of the kids that I invite. Some girls and some boys. This kit has a range of toppers for girls and boys.

Once I get the kit and make the cupcakes, I will do another post about it.

And she has a blog with BE-U-Tiful pictures!

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