Monday, February 22, 2010

How Do You Get Your Protein??

I can't believe how many times I get asked this question as a Vegetarian.

I became one of "those" people about 6 months ago. I stopped eating meat.. All kinds of meat. Beef, chicken, eggs and fish and all of the other "gourmet" meats. I had a hard time with beef jerky and bacon and even had a dream of being at a restaurant and trying to order buffalo wings because those were one of my favorites, and saying to myself, in the dream, "I can't order those because I am vegetarian". Funny but true. I can say now, after 6 months, I don't crave beef jerky or bacon or any other kind of meat. I feel once that summer comes along and crab season is in full bloom I may get tempted. I hope not.

Now CHEESE...ugh! This one has really been tough. It took me a while to stop eating it. After about 3 months of just giving up meat I stopped eating cheese and I actually got used to not eating it. Then little by little I added it back to my diet and I started gaining weight. Like 2-3 pounds, which isn't huge but I noticed as I added cheese I was less aware of the things that I put into my mouth. I think we, Americans, use it too much. Sorry, but I do. Yes, it has protein and yes, it tastes good but do you know where it comes from? It's kind of gross if you think of it.

I am going on a rabbit trail. This isn't where I wanted to go. But I have decided to limit my cheese eating and possibly stop eating it along with other dairy products.

My point of this is to tell people where in the world do I get my protein from. It's funny, but it is one of the first things that people ask me. Click on the picture to find out. Veggies have protein in it. You don't normally think of a plant as having protein but it does. And beans do too. And they are not as gassy as you would think. Just ask my husband. hee hee.

Here is another article that talks about cheese. Eating Vegan : The Cheese Problem

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  1. Don't forget that you can get protein from nuts, too! Raw almonds are splendid :)


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