Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God Even Takes Care of the Birds

Our cars are buried deep in snow. Gusts of winds make it hard to even see across the street.

Visibility is probably 100 or so feet at times.

Do you see the Holly Tree on the left side in our yard. There are berries on it and Robins coming over to to it to get a berry and the fly over to the side of our house away from the wind gusts.

You can actually see them in the tree. AND flying to the tree.

These birds were the most beautiful site to me. They sat on branches eating a berry and then the would poof their feathers and just hang out. Occasionally grabbing some snow from the branch for water. I was watching them as they has one eye on me too.

This is the snow on our window sill outside. Brrrrr!!

The amount of birds were beautiful.

In the midst of the of this gigantic blizzard, these precious little birds were fed and had water to survive a day like this. Although I was supposed to be taking pictures of my jewelry to add to Etsy, I am glad that I took the time to enjoy God's creation and creatures. As my Dad said it, "God brought all of this snow, He will take it away." Amen!


  1. Oh my, that is too much snow for me! Reminds me of living in Buffalo. I bet you are glad spring is almost here!

  2. It's too much snow for me. I am originally from Florida and that is where my body temperature has stayed. Can't wait for spring!!


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