Thursday, March 4, 2010

Diced Tomatoes, Avocado and Tomatoes

What first grabs me in a recipe is the picture. I posted a previous post of diced potatoes and beans but when I was half way done eating it, I thought about taking a picture. This time I remembered way ahead of time!!

The finished product!

My husband was going to be home late tonight so I made one serving. If you have more people joining you just double, triple, or quadruple it...etc.

1 medium russet potato (diced)
1/4 onion (diced)
Mix in a bowl with 1/2 tbsp of Olive Oil

A shake or two of sea salt
1 tsp dill
1 tsp Italian Herb Grinder
1 tsp of garlic

(Cook in a skillet on medium with cover on tossing them occasionally until the potatoes are edible. When they are done put some baby spinach on top of the potatoes and put the cover on for 2-3 minutes until they are soft.)

While they are cooking you can make the Avocado/Tomato Mixture
1/4 of the Avocado (Diced)
1/2 tomato (Diced)
(Sprinkle with above herbs)
Top the mixture on the potatoes...ENJOY!!

Dice the potatoes and onions about 1 cm in length if you like little stuff. Or larger if you like it chunky. I feel that if I dice it small enough it will take me longer to eat and I will be full before or near when I am done eating.

I use these three spices in almost all of my recipes.
Trader Joe's Dill
McCormick Italian Herb Grinder
Trader Joe's Sea Salt


  1. dill and sea salt, both = perfection yumm!

  2. I'll have to give this a try, it looks delicious and I'm sure my hubby would love it as he is a true potato fritta fan. Also am going to look for the Italian herbs in a grinder bottle as that looks really neat and bet it taste better since the herbs are freshly ground, releasing their flavors.

  3. My mouth is watering right now. It looks so delicious and the recipe looks simple for me to try. Thanks!

  4. It is SO delicious and SO easy and SO healthy!

    I hope you get to make it soon.


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