Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting a Start on Gardening

It was SOOO beautiful out in Baltimore, MD that I had to make a pit stop to Home Depot to pick up seeds & soil for our garden. Our plan (well, mine) is to plant more veggies than tomatoes. To broaden my horizons. This time I chose:

Veggie Tale Pumpkin (for H)
Wild Flower Mix (For H)
Multi-Colored Daisies (for H)
Sunflowers (For H)
Plum Tomatoes
Spring Onions
Sweet Basil
Sweet Corn (which a big leap for me)
Some type of flower that has Cypress in the name

I just asked my husband if he can build me another vegetable box next to my other one. Although I am getting veggies from CSA, there is something so fulfilling about growing your own food. I can't wait!!

Filling toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls with soil.

Hannah taking a good hard look at her hard work!

We used toilet paper rolls (cut in half) and paper towel rolls (cut in fours), an old roasting pan
and some garden soil to start our seeds. I probably needed to start this earlier, I guess. But it has been cold and I can't even think about gardening when it is in the 30's 40's.

Did I mention how beautiful it was out today? Crystal blue skies with not a cloud in site and just about 60 degrees. I wore my flip flops to garden!! Yeah, baby!!

Hannah was getting the soil ready for planting wild flower seeds.

After we put soil and seeds in our pots Hannah watered them. Molly joined in on the fun...to drink some water!

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