Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fruit Salad

I am in love with the healthy little dish. I had it for dessert last and breakfast this morning. I made it fresh each time because I think that the fruit would get brown. From reading online, it seems that lemon juice helps the fruit not to brown. Do you know of any other ways to keep fruit from browning?

Add Raisins
Add Honey (1 tbsp)
Sprinkle Shaved Coconut (without the sugar)

My choice of coconut was based on the amount of fat, no sugar and the size of the shavings. The shavings were perfect for me because I wasn't chewing coconut. If you are looking for something sweet that won't add the extra calories on your butt, hip, stomach or thighs...try this!

I am adding this to


  1. This sounds yummy. Noticed the photo of the bag of unsweetened organic coconut, I'll have to look around for that. When my family lived in the West Indies all I could find in the stores was fresh grated, dried coconut, no sugar added and I really liked the flavor of it. When we got back to the USA I didn't see anything like it in my local supermarkets, all they had was just tons of that sticky sweet stuff.

    For awhile I tried using fresh coconut but what a job to crack them open and dig out the juicy white flesh of the nut, then grate it then spread it out on a sheet and dry it for a few hours at very low heat in the oven. You can imagine that I did not do that very often. LOL

  2. If you click on the picture you can order this kind online.

    I got mine at MOM's (My Organic Market)

    Maybe you have a store around that sells something like that.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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