Friday, March 19, 2010

School Field Trip

I am part of a Home-schooling Co-op with 6 other moms. Eight kids are in the class. 5 Boys and 3 girls. So, we have an active class with the boys and a couple of princesses. We take turns teaching the kids preschool at my in-laws home. And occasionally and depending on what we are teaching, we will take them on a field trip. This month we were teaching them about colors (individual colors, rainbows and the color green and how that ties into "being green" and taking care of the Earth. We decided to take them to the EnviroCenter in Jessup, MD. They learned about how important it is to use the sun for natural light resources for lighting and heating. We learned about recycling and composting and rain barrels.

Afterward, Hannah and I went to MOM's (My Organic Market) for some groceries and she looked up at the ceiling and said, "look, that comes from the sun". She was pointing to what looked like huge lights run by flourescent, but if you looked in more detail they were sunlit "lights". You could actually see the sky through the glass. Cool! My 4 year old daughter learned something from our field trip!!

Here are the kids with the nice man who was very patient and taught very well so the kids could understand. (We are missing one little boy..sorry T)

Checking out pipes in a room. I was focused on photography so I am not sure what the room was.

Since I was taking pictures I didn't really pay attention to everything he was saying. I looks like it was interesting, though.

And then we went to the playground and let the kids and their siblings play and play and play!

The boys and their sticks.

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